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Many homeowners appreciate the classic look and feel of wood fencing, and because there is such a wide range of styles and finishes available, consumers can choose a look that will suit their taste and their needs.


Picket fences add a traditional touch to a home, as well as providing privacy and security. A solid privacy fence will add an extra touch of solitude to a yard. This type of fence can also protect against harsh winds and distracting street noise. Both picket and privacy fences ensure that a yard is safe for children and pets to enjoy. To cover a larger area, many homeowners choose a type of post and rail fence. This style can give a more rustic and open feel to a yard.

While many people choose to leave their wood fence natural, they also have the option to stain or paint the wood to match their homes.



Though we can tackle any job, not matter the size, we never forget that the vast majority of our clients are homeowners, looking to invest in the security and beauty of their property. So we approach each client with the idea of meeting their specific needs, whether they want ornamental fencing that shows off what’s behind it while securing it, such as spaced picket fencing, or they want fencing that defines the boundaries of their property, accenting their landscaping.

We also keep in mind that safety is paramount for our clients and their families, which is why no fence is ever constructed in such a way to allow even the smallest child to slip through or easily climb over.

Security and safety aside, we help homeowners get the most out of their fencing, allowing them to customize the fence color to match their home or accent it with black, white or bronze.



One of the most popular construction materials on the market, PVC vinyl fencing is a durable and long-lasting outdoor material constructed from polyvinyl chloride. The modern answer for savvy home and business owners, PVC vinyl fences have the beauty of wood and ornamental styles of fencing, but with excellent impact strength and durability.


Also known as PVC is a solid option that could last for a long time

Chain Link

One of the most effective barriers home-owners can use to protect their property, children and pets, chain link fencing is natural for fencing yards in urban and suburban neighborhoods around the country. Designed with open weaves, chain link fencing gives people the opportunity to provide security while seeing both inside and outside the barrier. With new colors and design concepts coming out, chain link fences in residential settings are being installed more often.


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